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Vol. 1

The books entitled: Unique Lalique Mascots sub-title: The automotive radiator hood & desk ornaments of master glass artisan R. Lalique including auction realisation prices with both French & English captions.



Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 1 (a few copies are available at the time of ths listing) at the original published price of £35

Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 2 is available for £35

Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 3 is available for £35 

All are plus £4 (each copy) postage inland, £10 Europe and £12 for overseas air-mail.

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  • Unique Lalique Mascots

    Vol's 1 & 2

  • Unique Lalique Mascots

    Vol. 2

Vol. 3 Unique Lalique Mascots the latest book in the series, still at £35 (hardback)

This is the front cover of Vol. 3

This is the back cover of Vol. 3

Vol. 3

Great news! The brand new *Lalique book is here!

With ALL new auction realisation prices. Up-dated images including the unique one-off King's Greyhound together with it's (now recently revised) fascinating history.

With an introduction by (the present) Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and a Preface by Eric Knowles (of the BBC Antiques Roadshow) by author, expert & consultant G.G. Weiner, I.A.M., O.T.R., C.S.M.A.

Every car mascot produced by the company from the inter-war period right up to the occupation of the Wingen-sur-Moder factory in 1940, and continued in 1947 to the present day, and denoting the now discontinued pieces, along with the desk ornaments, trophies, book ends and paperweights.

Minute details given as what to look out for with the various signatures, date of introduction of each piece and notification of discontinuation of them.

ALL the un-published factory colour variations and experimental colour test pieces are illustrated and described, including inside the full and intricate details of the Breves Galleries illuminating metal mascot bases as the one supporting the Archer (above) ... and a lot more besides!

What to look out for with the the many fakes on the market (including here on eBay!) which are also uncovered! In fact if you are a collector, dealer, auction house or student of Lalique glass this book is all that you would need for every detail of each piece produced during this period...

This is the ONLY fully detailed book on the market in the world! Yes the definitive 'Bible' on the subject!

Order your copy NOW to avoid disappointment! These hardback books are published by the renown Grosvenor House Publishing Co. Ltd. (You may recall that the first edition of Vol. 1 sold out very quickly and is now at a premium here and on other related websites). Note that Vol. 2 is all sold out! (by us). However it may be found on Amazon and on eBay. 

So don't delay, please order your copy NOW to avoid being disappointed!

*title: Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 3 sub-title: The automotive radiator hood & desk ornaments of master glass artisan R. Lalique (including auction realisation prices with French & English captions) by G.G. Weiner.

About 50 items in total here as listed: 32 Lalique various magazines and leaflets etc. £25 lot., 11 Christie's Lalique specialist sale catalogues £50 lot., 1 RM Auctions in Amelia Island unique sale of a complete Lalique mascot collection of Ele Chesney £25., Lalique 2010 Special Hundred Years Anniversary Homage brochures on history of the man & factory (pair double editions) 2 for £20., Lalique Automotive Mascots by Peter Mullin limited edition book £25., 'Collect It!' special Lalique edition £5., FMR magazine featuring Lalique mascots £15. Or £150 for the whole collection sent post free (UK) inland only.... A fab reference library here!

Are you a dedicated collector? Then you MUST have these superb reference catalogues for your library!

Comprised of three very relable auction catalogues listing most of the inter-war output of the Lalique factory and continued with paperweights (taken from the mascots) right up to modern times. Fully illustrated with large format detailed proffesional photographs.

The catalogues are from the renown Gorring's auction house and retail at £10 each, however as a special offer they can be had for £25 plus £5 packing & postage (inland), £10 for EC overseas air-mail and £15 worldwide air dispatch.

Lalique auction catalogues, Gorringe's The G.G. Weiner Collection Part One at £10 and Gorringes' Winter Sale with Part Two of the collection at £5 along with Automobilia (The Collector's Resource) magazine featuring Lalique mascots at £5 or £20 including free p&p... A 'must have' for your reference library!

The master artisan himself (in his formative years). Courtesy of the Musse Lalique, France.

A fine display of Lalique mascots.

A selection of most of the output of the thirty different types & styles of Lalique mascots produced during the inter-war Art Deco period from 1925 through to 1931.

Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 2 (front & back covers).

This superb Naiade (Water Maiden or Mermaid) is finished in a rare opalescent milky-blue with a fire-glow orange core.

Lalique 'MASCOT' watch complete with fine quality box, slip case and all original paperwork.

Lalique 'MASCOT' watch. This fine collector's piece was produced in a limited edition and sold in a presentation box with slip case cover and has all of the original documentation with it. A superb investment and practical piece of Lalique memorabilia! We have only the one exmaple here at the time of posting.

Lalique 'MASCOT' watch

Lalique 'MASCOT' watch

Lalique pieces on display at our Gallery along with the 'MASCOT' watch.

Unique Lalique Mascots our present day stock situation...


These are the authentic period car mascots produced by the French Lalique factory during the inter-war Art Deco era from 1925 thorough to 1931, and discontinued with the occupation of the factory by the Germans in 1940. Some of these were re-introduced (in high-grade lead chrystal - hence the company is known as Cristal Lalique SA) post war up until recently. However ALL are now deleted from the Lalique catalogue, so are now true ''blue-chip'' collector's pieces! 

La magicien du verre: René Lalique...


René Lalique (French, 1860–1945) was a master glass artisan working through both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. The designs for these automotive mascots known as Bouchon de Radiateurs, were produced during the short Art Deco period from 1925 until 1931. Production ended with the ocupation of the Wingen-sur-Moder factory by the Germans who took over the Alsace region in 1940. Production began again in 1947 under the control of his son Marc, and then these were marketed as presse-papiers (paperweights or desk ornaments). Recently re-introduced for a short period and promoted as 'Mascottes'  from the 1990's through to 2015 and all have now been deleted from the range and their catalogue.


Detailed stock listing with condition report of the fine artwork of Lalique for the connoisseur. Oeuvre d'art - par un artiste de renome' international along with their star grading (see end of list). Les Bouchon de Radiateur-Mascottes / The Car Radiator Mascots (Hood Ornaments):

**Siren / Small Mermaid No.831. Introduced in 1920 (exact date as yet unknown. Later in 1925 they were adapted as car mascots). Signed moulded 'R.Lalique France' to the side of the tail along with etched 'R. Lalique France' to the underside of the circular base. This being a statuette depicting a typical fantasy water maiden. This is in perfect condition  £3,500 

2. **another in opalescent blue with chip to the base which does not affect the figure in any way. These were also used and adapted as car mascots by the Breves Galleries of Knightsbridge, London (with licensing permission from Lalique) from 1925 and this is mounted on it's period illuminating display base  £1,950 


3. ***Naiade / Large Mermaid No.832. Introduced in 1920 (exact date as yet unknown). Signed moulded 'R. Lalique France' to side of tail with engraved R. Lalique France No.832 on the underside of the circular base. This as a statuette depicting the Art Noveau style fantasy water maiden. This is in perfect condition with a nice age patination. Also used and adapted as a car mascot from 1925  £7,500 

4. ****Naiade as above but presented in a beautiful opalescent milky-blue  £12,500 


5.***Cinq Chevaux / Five Horses No.1122. Introduced on 26/8/1925. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique' (with double tailed 'q' in the signature) and with engraved capitals 'France' underneath, behind the rear legs of the circular base. A very clever rendition of a dramatic group of five galloping horse in profile in the ancient Greek manner. A small area of chipping to the base not affecting the actual mascot itself (this is normal as when used on a car's radiator mounting with its vibration). Mounted onto a contemporary period metal display base  £9,500 

Note: André Citroën approached René Lalique to come up with an appropriate design for his new 5CV (Chevaux Vapour) motorcar, what Lalique produced was a marvellous concept reflecting the car in animal form. This being the first official car mascot produced for a specific make of automobile.

6. ***+Another example as the description above but in a perfect state of preservation in clear & frosted glass with a slight amethyst tint on its original Breves Galleries lighting display mount base. An outstanding and rare piece  £15,500 

Provenance: Artcurial collection, Paris, France

Also of note: On the BBC's Antiques Roadshow featuring the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in 2003, the expert Eric Knowles valued a similar le Cinq Chevaux mascot at £20,000, this was on its original Breves Galleries display lighting mount-base which looked liked the desk rather than radiator mount. The piece looked in perfect condition. So, with the passage of time one can add substantial percentage on that valuation now!


7. ******+Comete' Etoile Filante / Comet Shooting Star No.1123. Introduced on 24/8/1925 (and discontinued in 1937). This was produced in clear glass. Signed, stenciled in block capitals on the bottom ray on the edge of the tail 'R. Lalique France'. There is one very tiny pin prick size nick to the top ray of the piece, otherwise it is in pristine condition, no grinding or polishing anywhere. A superb and crisp example of only a handful produced. This is arguably the third rarest of all Lalique car mascots and star graded as such. It is complete with its period Breves Galleries metal radiator lighting base complete with fittings. Provenance Christie's Auction House. Purchased by us as an 'investment' and 'hedge against inflation'. Several clients were after this piece and we are looking for £95,000 (not surprising it is a six star plus rated item are recently a similar example without the base made almost £80,000 at auction 22/5/13)  

Historical note: René Lalique was inspired by the flaming comet on top of the Eiffel Tower during the 1925 Paris Exposition. He produced this piece as a car mascot which captures the essential thrill of speed!

Note: The last ones to come onto the market was auctioned by Bonhams at their Goodwood Revival sale on 31st August 2007 and this sold for £41,992 (gross) despite this piece being very badly damaged and surprised everyone that saw it............. including us!

Also note that at the Retromobile classic car show in Paris another one came to auction on 8th February 2013, it brought 51,000 Euros after fierce bidding in the room on the internet and the phones. Even though the star had small nibbles and it was chipped at the end of the lower ray of the tail probably taking the 'France' part of the 'R. Lalique' signature with it!

8. ******Another non-export version signed 'R. Lalique' (without 'France') it has a very slight slither from the end of the underneath of the tail, otherwise a near perfect example as (the first one) above without the Breves Galleries mount but with black base display mount. Available and price on application. This is an ex-Bonhams auction piece bought on behalf of a client who now wishes to dispose of it. It cost £72,500 including commission and tax back for export out of the EEC... now for sale at cost!


9.***+Faucon / Falcon No.1124. Introduced on 5/8/1925. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique' to one side of the circular base withwheel cut 'France' to the other side. Depicting this menacing bird of prey with extended chest, perched on its round base. This one produced with a very light amythist tint. A slight chip to the beak which is usual with this piece and a small scar to the back of one wing, also showing small air bubbles trapped in its production. Otherwise a fine example  £1,750


10.**Tireur d'Arc / Archer No.1126. Introduced on 3/8/1926. Signed moulded intaglio 'R. Lalique' with engraved 'France' onto the lower right side of circle and engraved with the catalogue 'No.1126' onto the bottom of the circular base. A cleaver depiction of the typical nude male ancient Greek athlete in concentration with arrow drawn ready to shoot! This is in perfect condition and mounted on a Breves Gallery lighting base  £4,550 

11. **Another as above without the Breves mount and with engraved catalogue 'No.1126' to underneath the circular base in perfect condition  £3,950 


12. *Coq Nain / Cockerel No.1135. Introduced on 10/2/1928. Signed with faint moulded in relief signiature 'R. Lalique' in block capitals around the circular base. A wonderful & very detailed depiction of the national emblem of France shown in all its glory! In almost perfect condition with some polishing to the base. French gold retailers label to the bottom of the base  £2,950 

13. ***Coq Nain / Cockeral No.1135. As above, however this example is in the rare topaz (a very dark green to black hue) factory produced colour. Clear moulded intaglio signature of 'R. Lalique' with smaller 'France' in block capitals  £7,500 

14. **Another with the factory stencil mark stamp in a square 'R. Lalique France' to the bottom of the circular base (some rubbing marks to this base due to it being moved about during its life which is quite acceptable). This being just post-war period c.1947  £1,950 

Note: that all of the above examples of Coq Nain have their talons intact as one must ensure that they have not been ground down to accommodate the base ring for the purpose of mounting on either a display base or the Breves Gallery lighting base for mounting onto the vehicles radiator.

15. *No.11800 Modern boxed version signed engraved 'Lalique France' to the circular base  £795 


16. ***Tete de Belier / Rams Head No.1136. Introduced on 3/2/1928. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique' in large block capitals with 'France' in slightly smaller block capitals along the side on the rear of the lower neck (indistinct due to rubbing on the metal collar). In a dark grey hue. This very detailed representation of the "head down" ready to charge ram is in used condition. Slight bruising to back of head with some wear where it meets the base plate. Mounted onto an original period Breves Gallery lighting base. A very impressive mascot  £7,500 

17. ***+Another as above in perfect condition, the Breves base with clear & sharp address  £8,500 


18.***Tete de Coq / Cocks Head No.1137. Introduced on 3/2/1928. Signed intaglio moulded in large block capitals to the chest 'Lalique France' (this is the only inter-war production without the 'R' being part of the signature). A fine example of this Art Deco influenced cockerel's head with intense gaze and the fine full comb raised above the head integral moulded onto a grooved circular base  £3,750 

19. Another as above with slight polishing to the top comb £2,500

20. ***+Another with deep intaglio moulded 'Lalique France' in large block capitals to the chest, this is in a wonderful gray hue showing one large air bubble and a number of smaller ones. Complete with its contemporary Breves style deep chromed metal lighting base. This is based on the Breves Galleries base but is not stamped with their details, however it is almost identical with the internal electricals. Mounted onto a circular wooden display platform. A exceptional & fabulous display item! £7,950 

21. ***A very fine post war example in white clear & frosted christal / crystal as above description here on offer for £3,950 

22. ** A modern boxed version with certificate. No.11807. Signed in script around the circular base 'Lalique France'. £795 (Discontinued in 2004) 

Note: The Cockerel is the national emblem of France, René Jules Lalique being a proud French citizen produced two different mascots of this particular bird.


23.**Tete d'Aigle / Eagles Head No.1138. Introduced on 14/3/1928. Signed moulded block capitals in relief (very faint) 'R. Lalique' within the neck feathers, along with 'France' on the opposite side. Showing this stark & menacing bird of prey. Having very nice age patination with some slight scratching to bottom of the circular base which is quite acceptable  £2,500 

24. **Another as above but in a very white clear & frosted finish. Very crisp intaglio moulded signature 'R. Lalique' along with 'France' to the opposite side. Also having the stencil mark 'R. Lalique' (in large block capitals) with smaller 'France' to the bottom of the circular base. Some very minor surface wear on the bottom of the base, otherwise a superb example! £2,950 

Note: Quote from an art glass expert: ''Lalique's Tete d'Aigle was comandered by the Nazi's for the 1935 Mercedes Benz 777K Grosser cars". Many dealers, collector's & auction houses promote the idea that these were used on Nazi staff cars after the fall of France in 1940, as 'gifts' from the high command or even Adolf Hitler himself!  All I Can say is that Ms. Lalique as a true French patriot would certainly not condone such practice!

25. also a *modern version, circa 1980's No.11808. in clear & frosted crystal glass. Signed in script around the base 'Lalique France' with 'Made in France' paper label to the bottom of the base, boxed with certificate  £695 

26. ***Serre-livres verre Tetes d'Aigles / A pair of Eagles Head bookends in clear & frosted crystal glass signed in script 'Laique France' on the opaque glass oblong bases  £2,250 


27.***Tete d'Epervier / Hawks Head No.1139. Introduced on 21/11/1928. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique France' on lower edge of neck, with distinctive double tailed 'q' in this signature. Clearly inspired by ancient Egyptian influence. This is in clear pure glass with a few air bubbles and it has a small scar above the left eye with a minor chip to the base, not detracting from the overall appearance. A stunning piece of artwork. Provenance ex. Bonhams auction house sale of 1/12/11 -£3,950 

28. ****+Tete d'Epervier / Hawks Head No.1139. Introduced on 21/1/1928. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique France' on lower edge of neck, with distinctive double tailed 'q' in this signature. Clearly inspired by ancient Egyptian influence. This is in the very rare colour of opalescent milky blue in full colour depth. A superb representation of this the sparrow hawk - hunting bird with a menacing focus at his prey....ready to pounce! £5,950 

29. ****+Another as above in a slightly deeper opalescent milky blue with superb highlighted detailing. Provenance Bonhams auction house sale of 29/6/12 - £6,250 

30. ****Another in the extremely rare and desirable amethyst tint, however it is in poor condition with chips to the base and a few bruises. It is mounted onto its original contemporary Breves galleries display lighting base complete with fittings offered at only £5,950 as a rare opportunity to obtain an example in this rare coloured tint, and if it was a perfect example it would be more than double this! 


31. ****+Tete de Paon / Peacocks Head No.1140. Introduced on 3/2/1928. =H 7.25"/17.7cms L 3"/8.4cms W 3"/8.4cms Wt 1.7 lbs see# below. Signed intaglio moulded deeply in the lower side 'R. Lalique' and smaller 'France' within the mounting groove directly underneath and also with wheel cut engraved 'France' (next to the signature, which is unusual and is the first one we have seen with this). One small air bubble trapped underneath in the base. An outstanding piece with trademark tapering comb, fine detailing of the feathers and showing the piercing eyes of this magnificent bird! £15,500

32. *modern boxed versions available in clear & frosted and coloured chrystal signed in script 'Lalique France' 11876 at £695 

Note: #Example of dimensions shown which can of course be quoted on request when the piece is actually here in stock.

33.***Levrier / Greyhound No.1141. Introduced on 14/3/1928. Signed intaglio moulded in relief 'R. Lalique' with etched 'France' behind the hind leg. A superb interpretation of this pedigree in full flight during a race! A light bruise to background corner not affecting the image itself. Mounted onto an original period Breves Gallery metal lighting base  £4,500 


34.*Sainte-Christophe / St.Christopher No.1142. Introduced on 1/3/1928. Signed moulded in relief 'R. Lalique' in large block capitals with 'France' in smaller block capitals into the lower left side of the circle. A fine example of the hunched & kneeling saint carrying the Christ child on his shoulder with a stylized sun-ray circular hollow background. This has a slight slither chip just below the child's right hand on the middle sunray. This having the correct contemporary Lalique base ring collor and mounted onto a wooden display stand  £1,950

35. *Another in absolutely perfect condition without the base ring  £2,500 

36. **Another Sainte-Christophe / St. Christopher No.10930 but complete with its original Lalique box and still retaining its certificate. This is of the same thickness as the inter-war pieces,therefore circa 1948. A fine outstanding example  £995 

Note: This was one of the only pieces that continued in production until 1987, still having the 'R. Lalique' signature (as it was part of the piece coming out of the mould with this signature and not applied afterwards). The more modern examples are made of a thinner glass and easy to compare with the thicker inter-war & just post-war pieces.


37.***Hirondelle / Swallow No.1143. Introduced on 10/2/1928. Signed moulded in relief with large block capitals 'R. Lalique' with smaller block capitals 'France' on the rear of the circular base. A superb study of this bird with outspread detailed feathering to the fanned tail wings. Mounted onto an original period Breves Gallery metal lighting base  £6,950 

38. ***Another as above, this having a slight amethyst tint to it. It has the split screw mount from the Breves Gallery base with it.  A superb example  £5,000 

39. *A modern boxed version (with certificate) No.11810. Signed engraved 'Lalique France' is available (discontinued in 2008). This having a large block integral base  £650 

40. *A pair of Hirondelle bookends as above description  £995 


41. ***Grande Libellule / Large Dragonfly No.1145. Introduced on 23/5/1928. Signed engraved 'R. Lalique France' to tail also (faint) moulded signature 'R. Lalique' to side above the circular base with 'France' on the opposite side. A fine majestic representation of the full open winged insect, having a gray tinted colour. Complete with Lalique chrome metal base ring collar and mounted onto a fine Italian veined marble display base  £10,950

42. ***Another as above but with very clear moulded signature along with 'France' on the opposite side. A few very tiny and indistinct air bubbles in the wings only seen when held up to the light. A superb clear & frosted version of this majestic insect £8,500 

43. *Also a modern boxed version No.1100393 (discontinued 2012) in clear & frosted finish (with certificate) signed engraved 'Lalique France'  £995 


44.*****Grenouille / Frog No.1146. Introduced on 3/5/1928. Signed engraved in scrolling script around the circular base 'R. Lalique France' also faint moulded signiture 'R. Lalique' behind the right leg with 'France' behind the left leg. Usually found with chipping to the top of the eyes, this one is perfect. This is the fourth rarest of the initial run of the 28 different car mascot production by Rene Lalique and graded as such as a five star piece. 

This was purchased by us from an antique dealer in Antibes, south of France. This is absolutely perfect in every way, apart from the usual scratches formed over time on the bottom of the circular base. It has a small air bubble on the top of the base looking at it from the the front it is on the left, this is quite acceptable and comes from the original casting process when air sometimes gets trapped. This has a very clear 'Lalique' moulded signature to the rear of the right leg with faint 'France' to the left one. Engraved 'R. Lalique France' around the front of the circular base.

Note: This is the very best example we have ever had and it warrants a 5 star + rating. It was offered to a London dealer first who dithered so much that the vendor contacted us and we purchased it over the phone when we saw photos of it with the honest description as above. An extremely rare & desirable piece to grace any collection! £12,950 


45.****Victoire / Victory or Spirit of the Wind No.1147. Introduced on 18/4/1928. Signed moulded in relief large signature in block capitals 'R. Lalique' to one side with smaller 'France' to the other side of the circular base. Note a slight chip/nick to the base not affecting the figure in any way (this may be due to it having been radiator mounted and removed at some time during its life). 

This is one of the most famous images by Lalique, representing the androgynous open mouthed head with stylized swept back hair flowing in the wind. She masterly captures the spirit of the age of speed & elegance. This superb representation of the female blowing into the wind with streaming hair behind her, typical of the Art Deco period. £17,950 (perfect examples can now achieve £20,000 plus!) 

46. We also have the modern Victoire in clear & frosted finish in its box with certificate for £950 and in opalescent milky blue for £1,500 (ALL now discontinued). 

Historic note: This was produced at a time of great euphoria in France at that period, reflected in the naming of this piece to commemorate the great victory over Germany in the first world war.


47.*****Longchamp / Horse No.1152A. Introduced on 12/6/1929. In clear & satin finish. Signed moulded in relief in block capitals 'R. Lalique' to one side of the lower part of the neck and 'France' on the opposite side. The stylized horses head with classical open jawed appearance recalls images of the horses of ancient Greece. It's named after the famous French racetrack. One small air bubble next to the open mouth, has some age related ingrained patination. This is mounted onto an original period Lalique chrome base ring with long nut & bolt fitting to a circular wooden display plinth.

Note: An extremely rare Art Deco piece as the edition finished on 10/9/1929.

This very short production run of just three months for the first 'double mane' version is with us right now for £19,500 

48.**** We have another one here as well, the right side (facing you) has a very slight scar to the middle of the cheek. The signature is moulded very faintly., So because of this it's priced at £12,500 


49.***Longchamp / Horse No.1152B. Introduced on 10/9/1929. Signed moulded in relief in block capitals 'R. Lalique' to front of lower part of the neck and 'France' to near the rear part of the neck. A superb and very crisp example of the second Art Decostylized horses head named after the famous French racetrack. (This is known as the 'single mane' version which is more abstract that the first version)  £10,950 

50. ***Another example as above in superb condition apart from a very tiny air bubble just below the right eye (near to and on the 'R. Lalique' signature side)  £9,750 

51. ***Another fine example with two small nicks on the upper rim near the 'R. Lalique' signature along with two more on the rim of the base on the opposite side (probably due to it being mounted with a base ring sometime in its life). Some very tiny air bubbles only seen looking up through the base. Otherwise in perfect condition  £7,950 

52. A modern cristal / chrystal second type 'B' version No.10119400 in its box with certificate  £495 


53. *****+Epsom / Horse No.1153. Introduced on 5/6/1929. Beautiful In satin & frosted glass with a slight amethyst tint. Signed moulded in relief in large block capitals 'R. Lalique' with 'France' in small block capitals on lower part of the rear of the neck.

Mounted onto a Breves Galleires metal radiator lighting base together with its original Lalique factory chrome base ring collor and onto a plain radiator mounting base. A magnificent example of this thrusting horses head with open mouth, alert eyes, swept back ears & stylized mane in full flight trying to win the Epsom Derby! (Extremely hard to locate now, most of the handful that have come up at auction have been damaged in some way, this example is almost perfect) £75,500 

Note that it was the usual practice at the time (at the Breves Gallery) to slightly grind-down the bottom edge of this particular mascots' base so as to fit into the metal mounting base, or Breves Galleries radiator base and also the desk base, thus some of the lower part of the signature is nearly always slightly missing due to this which is normal on this particular mascot.


54. **Sanglier / Wild Boer No.1157. Introduced on 3/10/1929. Signed intaglio moulded between the legs to the base (faint) 'R. Lalique France'. A superb rendition of this animal commonly found in the mountainous region of Alsace in France. This is mounted onto an original period Breves Galleries radiator lighting base  £1,950 

55. ***+Sanglier / Wild Boer No.1157 as above in a very nice and pleasing dark topaz (almost dark green to black) factory finish. This is clearly intaglio signed moulded between the legs to the base and counter stencil signed in large block capitals 'R. Lalique' with smaller 'France' to the underneath of the middle of the base  £4,500 

56. No.11802 **a modern boxed version signed in script around the base 'Lalique France' is available at £395 (discontinued in the 1990's) 

57. **another circa 1960's signature without the box at £350 and another ditto with original Lalique factory sticker-label 1960's. £375 


58.*Perche Poisson / Perch Fish No.1158. Introduced on 20/4/1929. Signed moulded (very indistinct within the circular base support of the bottom of the fish) 'R. Lalique France'. This very detailed lifelike fish in clear & frosted finish showing the delicate fins & scaling  £750 

59. **Another just post-war No. 1158 which is both signed moulded as above and counter signed engraved 'Lalique France' in the middle of the underneath of the circular base  £1,950 

60. ***Another just post-war No.1158. Signed stenciled block capitals 'R. Lalique' with 'France' in script. This is quite superb in tinted opalescent butterscotch yellow/amber £3,950 

61. **Another No.11803 in opalescent milky blue, signed all in script 'Lalique France'  £1,750 

62. **Another as above No.11803 wonderful in opalescent blue with an orange tint, signed 'Lalique France'  £950 

63. **Another No.11803. Signed in script 'Lalique France' around the base. In dark to light green tint with very slight slither chip to top of the middle dorsal fin, so hence £550 (would have also been £950) 

64. *Perche No.11803 *un-boxed modern version signed in script 'Lalique France' in stock for £325 plus a ditto boxed version at £395 (boxed versions have the Lalique papers with them, discontinued in 2004) 


65. ****Vitesse / Speed Goddess (originally named Femme Nue) No.1160. Introduced on 17/9/1929. Signed moulded in relief in large capitals 'R. Lalique' (with double tailed 'q' in the signature) to one side of the circular base and in smaller capitals 'France' to the other side. A superb representation of this depiction of young womanhood. This sensuous forward leaning nude caressing her hair with both hands, her head back in abandon! Finished in gray satin & frosted coloured tint. This is one of the most famous mascot designs ever created and is a true classic piece of timeless beauty £16,500 

Note: A similar nude based on this design was later created as the Cote d'Azur trophy desk piece (we have this, see further below).

66. ****Another identical to the above but with the rare factory produced amethyst tint to it. What a shame that It has a chip out of the circular base near the 'R. Lalique' side of the signature, otherwise the young lady is perfect in every respect. This has the benefit of part of the radiator cap screw-on-off metal base and it covers the base of the piece and of course the chip! It's proven its use on a vehicle...

One for the collector who wants an example that is less expensive and fills a gap in his (or her) collection.

A fabulous piece of artwork if you have this 'paper' dormant in the bank...what a superb investment to love & enjoy! £12,500 

67. *Also a presse papier / paperweight (now produced without the grooved base) modern re-introduction No.10066400 in satin & frosted cristal / crystal, signed in scrolling script 'Lalique France' around the edge of the base. Boxed with certificate, available now at £750 in clear & satin finish and at £1,950 in deep opalescent blue (ALL are now discontinued)...

... we may be able to still order any stock that the Lalique factory have? So please enquire.


68. ****+Coq Houdan / Proud Cock No.1161. Introduced on 30/4/1929. Signed etched on to the base 'R. Lalique' to one side along with 'France' to the opposite side. With its original Lalique chrome ring collar base mount. A superb depiction of a very stylized Art Deco/Cubist design representation of this dominant male bird sticking his chest out so proudly! A superb piece indeed £9,500 

69. ****Coq Houdan as above. This has two very tiny nicks to the upper part of the ring of the circular base and some tiny air bubbles overall not detracting at all from the actual piece itself and is quite acceptable to all but the most fastidious of collector's. Because of this it is priced accordingly at £7,500 

70. ****Serre-livres verre (a rare pair of Coq Houdan bookends) which are available. These are mounted with chrome base rings onto Lalique factory black glass display blocks. The pair for £15,000 

Note: These are four star graded pieces and as such are getting very difficult to locate now!


71. ******+Hibou  Owl 1181 introduced on 27/1/1931. This great Owl is the second rarest of all 30 different Lalique mascots (with Renard being the rarest and Comète, coming a decent third!).

Historic note: This rare piece was unfortunately badly damaged in an accident in 1932 when mounted onto a Bugatti Type 57 radiator. The mascot is still on its original contemporary metal radiator cap! It comes with provenance as it was purchased in France from the original owner's family, who tell the story of how the car was rolled and hence damaged the mascot! Offers invited? (On the guide price for which we paid for it).

72. *Chouette / Baby Owl No.11815. Introduced in 1931 (exact date unknown but listed and shown in the 1932 Lalique catalogue). Signed engraved 'Lalique France' around the circular edge of the base, boxed with certificate £295 

73. A modern boxed version is available complete with factory inspection certificate at £275 

74. Ditto and another without the box at £275 

75. Ditto as above with a 'Lalique France' paper label attached to the bottom of base (faded & worn) £300

76. Also as above **11193 but a smaller & thinner slightly varied version from a different mould, one only at £295 (discontinued in the 1990's) 


77. ***Chrysis / Nude Female No.1183. Introduced on 21/3/1931 H. 135mm L.145mm B.65mm. Stencil signed 'R Lalique' in large block capitals with 'France' in smaller block capitals in the middle of the underside of the circular base. Beautiful in satin & clear finish. A superb and perfect representation of the young female nude leaning back in abandon! (which would grace any superior inter-war period vehicle)  £4,950 

78. ***Another as above slightly more of a matt finish and some very minor age rubbing to the underside of the base  £4,750 

79. ***Another one very similar with 'R. Lalique' (only) deep stenciled signature to the underside of the base  £4,500

Note: Interestingly a standard example of Chrysis made just over £10,000 at the Bonhams auction of the Robert White collection in London in 2016.

80. **Another as a paperweight version catalogue No.1670 so very early post-war introduced in 1947 (produced without the groove in the circular base) but still stencil signed 'R. Lalique' in large block capitals with smaller 'France' on the underside of the base. A superb representation of the young female nude! £3,750 

81. **Chrysis No.11809 as above description but a 1980's boxed version with original papers signed engraved 'Lalique France' in script around the circular base  £550 

Stop press: We have the very last example produced in opalescent milky blue, boxed with Lalique factory inspection certificate at £950 (mint & boxed). 


82. ****Cote d'Azur trophie / trophy in clear & frosted finish (not catalogue numbered) statuette desk piece introduced on 9/2/1929. Signed etched 'R. Lalique' on the block base and with a dedicated moulded & raised inscription 'LW Cote d'Azur Pullman Express 9 December 1929 FLM'.

A beautiful female nude, her left hand caressing her hair,her right hand placed on her quickening heart! Her hair & stance flowing with the wind. These were given to the VIP's thattravailed on the inaugural run of this train on that particular date. This is in superb condition with a very tiny nick to the base and with slight reduction to the bottom rear end with minor age polishing to the nose of the figure  £9,250 

83. ***Cote d'Azur trophy in clear & frosted finish (not catalogue numbered) statuette desk piece introduced on 9/2/1929. Signed etched 'R. Lalique' on the block base (without the dedication for the Pullman Express train). A beautiful female nude, her left hand caressing her hair, her right hand placed on her quickening heart! Her hair & stance flowing with the wind. This is in perfect condition without any faults  £7,500 

Note: Originally produced as a commemorative presentation for the inaugural run of the Pullman express train and commissioned (from Lalique) by the French Railway Company / Companignie des Wagons Lits, which still operates The Orient Express with luxury carriages decorated with interior glass panels & lighting by Lalique. A limited run of desk ornaments were produced (presumably as an over-run from the ones with the dedication inscription and could be used as a vehicle mascot).


84. ****Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy in clear & frosted finish chrystal. Introduced in 1994 (not catalogue numbered) The piece is edition number RR020 stenciled on the bottom of the circular block base with the intertwined RR logo along with the Lalique factory sticker. Signed engraved 'Lalique France'commissioned by Rolls-Royce for Lalique to produced a limited numbered edition of 200 pieces for the 90th anniversary of RR Motors Ltd. for distribution to dealerships & v.i.p's worldwide.

A superb rendition by the contemporary artist Charles Robinson Sykes R.A. of the flying lady modeled by Eleanor Valesco Thornton, the 'very private & personal' secretary to (the second) Lord John Walter Douglas-Scott-Montagu of Beaulieu. She wasunfortunately drowned when the liner she was sailing on to go to India, HMS Persia which was torpedoed off the island of Crete by a German U-boat on the 30th September 1915, however Lord Montagu survived.

This mascot was copyrighted in 1911 and marketed by Rapiditas Editions Ltd. (who were engaged to distribute them for RR). Sold complete with all the relevant documentation plus the Lalique certificate and in its presentation gray Lalique box with fitted & padded interior along with its slip cover as well. Superb condition £9,950 

Note: One of this edition made over £9,000 at auction in Switzerland in February 2010 without any of the accompanying documentation or its box. It is of interest that it is good to know that as an example of 'investment' we sold RR019 for just under £3,000 to a dealer in 2008 who in turn put it up for auction and it sold for more than double! We do not condone this sort of thing, however it is always reassuring to know that if you need to sell you are in for a 'windfall', better than your money in any bank, stocks, shares etc. Like all works of art, sit back and enjoy! 

Note: I'm indebted to the present Lord Montagu for this information and delighted to have him (like his Father) contribute with a 'Foreword' to both Vol's.1 & 2 of the "Unique Lalique Mascot" books.


85. *Reverie Serre-Livres / Bookends (not catalogue numbered) clear & frosted crystal, seriously heavy pair of bookends formed by two nude women leaning against integral moulded blocks. Signed engraved on the bases 'Lalique France'. One has a very tiny small chip to the base. These date from the 1990's, new they are well over £3,000 now to order. These are in their (slightly soiled) original gray Lalique box with certificate  £2,550 


86. ***“Lalique Mascot” ladies (or uni-sex) quartz automatic wrist watch we believe produced in a limited edition back in the 1990's. This has a white dial representing the cars' speedometer gauge, engraved with “Lalique Mascot” on the circumference. It is unusual as it features three date days, the background represents a wire wheel. The bezel represents a cars' hubcap and the reverse of the back-plate has an engraved Lalique Falcon head mascot on it and is fully stamped with patent particulars. The tan leather strap is marked 'Lalique' on the clasp and shows very minor signs of wear. This is complete in its original Lalique box with slip cover and certificate of warranty. This is in perfect working order and in superb condition for its age £650 


What do the star ratings represent? Well from one star up to six stars are the grading of rarity and hence value of each item thus indicated by the number of stars next to the item. Giving an extra plus as + meaning extra special or unique. The items numbered in red are those that are listed for sale on our eBay store.

Please note that potential purchasers may visit our Gallery here in Brighton, but by prior appointment only. Please be aware that 24hr CCTV is in operation both inside and outside of the premises, the images gathered are never passed onto any third party, apart from any specific demand from the emergency services. Where the laws of the land (UK) apply here. 

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